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As the weather outside gets frightful, ensure your home stays delightful by prepping your furnace for winter. Follow this preventative maintenance checklist from the experts at TMI to keep warm air flowing and avoid furnace fails:

1. Clear those air vents! Dust and debris can build up in ducts and registers during warmer months. Use a vacuum with a hose attachment to remove anything blocking airflow before firing up your system. While you’re at it, swap out summer air filters for new ones to keep air moving freely as colder temps arrive.

2. Schedule a furnace maintenance appointment with the pros at TMI. We’ll thoroughly inspect components like the blower motor, heat exchanger, and burner. Tune-ups catch minor repairs before they become significant issues and prevent unexpected breakdowns. Think of it like getting your vehicle tuned up before a road trip. You want that furnace primed and ready for the long winter haul!

3. Another key task is sealing air leaks that may let cold drafts sneak in. Feel around windows, doors, attic hatches, and crawl spaces for gaps, letting in chilly outdoor air. Caulk and weatherstrip as needed to become leak-proof. Stopping air infiltration helps your system operate more efficiently.

4. While peeking around the property, clear fallen leaves or debris far away from your heat pump. Always ensure that outdoor components are free from dirt, ice, snow, dust, grass clippings, etc. Also, nothing should be covering the unit.

5. Finally, create an “emergency furnace outage” kit. Include flashlights, batteries, bottled water, snacks, blankets, and other essentials. Keep it just in case an outage or breakdown strikes. You’ll be ready to hunker down comfortably while awaiting any needed repairs.

Prep using this furnace checklist, and you can crank up the holiday tunes knowing your system can handle whatever weather awaits!

You can stay cozy despite the cold temps and winds outside with a little preventative care. Need help checking items off the list? Reach out to Total Maintenance, Inc. today! Contact us online or call us at 563.900.8788.